Connecting the Numbers to the Heart of Your Business.

Certified Public Accountant

intuitive life & Business mentor

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Who says we can’t talk about the accounting of our business and our soul in the same conversation?

I invite you to reflect on the mission of your business. How’s it going?

Is it drawing the gross sales (an indicator of the local-to-worldwide impact) that you desire?

Are your assets (energetic resources, like equipment, systems, people, time, skill, currency) applied towards the purchases and projects that feel expansive to your core being? (Did you read “expansive” or “expensive”?)

I invite you to reflect on your personal purpose and drive in this lifetime (what I refer to as “soul purpose”).

Do you feel healthy? Uplifted and fulfilled in every aspect of your life? With clients? With family? With yourself?

Is there a particular activity that connects you to your potential (like exercise, meditation, reading, learning just to learn, prayer, being in nature)?

Are you doing that activity on a regular basis?

What creates true wealth??

Aligning your soul-purpose with your business-mission.

The “woo” and wealth exist together, and you are designed for resonance with both.

So, what exactly are we accounting for?

Who are we accountable to?

What are the numbers in your financial reports and annual tax returns telling you?

Numbers measure. The unit of measure provides the context for meaning. Meaning creates story.

And your story is within your power to influence.

I empower you to interpret the financial part of your story to make decisions that are aligned with your own heart-centered and soul-led approach to business and to life.

Welcome to a new way to talk with your accountant.

My Mission

To empower individuals, period.

My Vision

Successful entrepreneurs, confident in their financial decision-making

My Promise

To help clients simplify and leverage their numbers 

How Can We Work Together?

VIP Intuitive Business Strategy


Connect the numbers to the heart of your business with CPA level advice. Receive deeper interpretation into your financial storyline, build achievable milestones based on an inward-facing, tactical approach to business growth.

Profitability Breakthrough

Start with a profitability audit. Before we can develop a strategy and employ tactics to achieve your desired milestones, we need to be clear about where you are now.

Financial Coaching

How do you want to grow your business? What’s important to you? How do you measure progress? Which areas will you focus on? We’ll explore all the questions you have on your mind and pinpoint your purpose so we can chart a course.

Livelihood Planning

Your livelihood connects your needs to your business – it fulfills your basic needs and connects the personal to the professional. Consider your career’s life cycle – years of productivity, life events, succession options, expanding into retirement, and leaving a legacy.

Akashic Records for Your Business

Certified akashic reader

The Akash has been explained in many terms and experienced in many ways. The Akashic Records is a psychic reservoir of infinite intelligence. We each have an energetic imprint that goes beyond the “here and now”. So does our business. And so does the building we work in.

The Akashic Records can be read for each of these entities, which are all connected and impacting the evolution of your soul purpose and business mission.


Garden Center Owner / Entrepreneur

New to Akashic Records?

See my Akashic promotion and book here.

Small Business

New to Akashic Records?

See my Akashic promotion and book here.

Small Business

New to Akashic Records?

See my Akashic promotion and book here.

Energy Healing for Prosperity

Certified energy healer

With your permission, openness, and willingness to create awareness in the days that follow, energy healing can be truly transformational. We can get to the root cause without having to know the root cause. The intention is set for the highest good of all.

Claim true ownership of yourself, your business direction, and your financial well-being.

Group energy healings can help heal tension and blocks between team members and facilitate more ease, flow, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Co-create a company workshops or retreat

Garden Center Owner / Entrepreneur

Company Workshops & Retreats

Choose a time to co-create your workshop or retreat needs.

Family/Personal Income Taxes

New to Energy Healing?

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When’s the last time you got excited about your financial outlook?