About Jennifer

About Jennifer C. Pietrzak, CPA

I empower you to interpret the financial part of your story

to align your soul-purpose with your business-mission.

We speak from the sciences, methods, and modalities that we know.

Here are mine:

Certified Public Accountant – science of accounting

Certified Akashic Records Reader – psychic reservoir of infinite intelligence

Certified Energy Healer – sacred geometry, love vibration, chakra clearing

We all find ways to access the infinite intelligence that connects us all.
– Rational and scientific thought
– Religious discipline
– Spiritual exploration

There are as many ways to feel connected to a sense of oneness and higher consciousness as there are beings in existence.
When you work with me, we operate in a neutral, sage container.
I invite to you check in with yourself – what do you feel and need when it comes to achieving your dreams?

Let that answer guide how you Work With Me