Work With Me

Make decisions that are aligned with
your own heart-centered, soul-led approach
to life and business.

My primary, overarching service is interpretation and translation of your financial reports and/or annual tax return to you, the entrepreneur, the service-oriented, the innovator, the creative, the soul professional, the thought leader, the ascension guide.

I use many tools and methodologies to:

– communicate with business owners who are not experts in accounting or finance,
– help them derive meaning and value from the numbers, and
– empower them to integrate and embody the transformational power that comes from co-creating our story

Programs are customized and can include valuable team members or the entirety of the organization.

Ready to go from:

Stressed to Blessed?
Suffering to Healthy?
Accomplished to Wealthy?

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CPA Services: Profitability Audit

CPA Services: Interpretation

CPA Services: “Done for You”

Akashic Records: Entrepreneur & C-Suite

Akashic Records: Business

Akashic Records: Workspace

Energy Healing: Prosperity

Energy Healing: Workflow

Energy Healing: On Purpose